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Out of a friendship of over a decade, and a natural love of sharing drinking tips with one another, Glassmates was born.

For longer than they can remember the Glassmates have been enjoying a tipple or two together and sharing new finds and personal favourites with each other. As is the case with most great Eureka moments the idea of sharing this behaviour with the world came through what they like to refer to as a Two tone Clarks Wallabes moment (if you listen to Wu-Tang you’ll get that reference) and over the past couple of years it has evolved to where we are now, and will continue to evolve as you follow the boys around the world one glass at a time.

Through the Glassmates TV platform, events and pop ups you’ll be guided through the world of drinks, and inspired to venture further than just a rum and coke, G&T or a pint. And if those are your favourite drinks, they’ll show you how to enjoy those better as well.

“It’s not about what’s in your pockets, it’s about what’s in your glass” – Glassmates